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With the shifting trends in marketing communication; guerilla marketing, experiential marketing and street teams are the new basics of integrated marketing communication. Expiring traditional marketing campaigns allows for the opportunity to engage customers in a new and exciting way

You are probably asking yourself- what exactly is a brand ambassador? At a first glance, you may believe that it is the owner of the company or the board of directors. However, the concept of brand ambassadors stretches much further than this. A brand ambassador is "a diplomat; a representative of an organization, institution or corporation that best portrays the product or service."

Communicating your brand and core values is quintessential to the success of your business. Ensuring that brand ambassadors are key to your success, Superfly Entertainment understands that it is crucial to arm them with the knowledge necessary to virally spread the word about a particular band. Employing passionate, comfortable, out-going and knowledgeable brand ambassadors are the most important aspects to guarantee success.

The opportunities with brand ambassadors are endless. Step into our world and understand the amazing potential of new marketing techniques.


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